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What's more impressive than Berlin's diverse architecture? - Seeing the spot twice in a water reflection. Thanks to   @susonsjack  ,   @ronschneidert   &   @vitwai   for the great shots!   #visit  _berlin   #berlinized  

Berlin, Germany



Christmas is in the air at   @botanicgardenberlin.   Thanks for tagging   #visit  _berlin,   @herrhehn.     #berlinized  

Botanischer Garten Berlin



Christmas Market sesason has begun! Over 70 markets will be open this December ranging from indoor to outdoor, local to touristy, ones especially for children, vegan ones or markets with historical themes. 🌲🎁❄ We put a list of Berlin's Christmas Markets up on our Story! Photo by   @robin.oelschlegel     #visit  _berlin   #berlinized     #berlin365     #visit  _berlin_teampicks   #hellofrom     #berlin     #christmasmarket  

Gendarmenmarkt Berlin



Rolling into a new week with a pop of colour. Photo by   @susonsjack     #visit  _berlin   #berlinized  




Dancing on the river Spree 🕺 The Molecule Man sculpture was erected at the border of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Alt-Treptow in 1999. Photo by   @maexxchen     #visit  _berlin   #berlinized  

Molecule Man



  #shopspots  _berlin -   @erica_naturkosmetik   in Neukölln| At today's shop   @erica_naturkosmetik  , you get the finest natural cosmetics and handmade soaps from a manufactory in Mecklenburg. No matter what you prefer, you can buy your soap cut from the piece, or individually packed. At Erica's, you will also find a wide range of natural cosmetics: hair soaps, oils, decorative products, and dental care. The shop lives the philosophy of a small, local company and prefers to work with similarly orientated manufactories. Every product here is fair and organic and -if possible- vegan. You can get an all-round consultation here as well, which most drugstores cannot offer you. If you want to get your own impression, you can try out all the soaps and products in the shop and also get some samples from the friendly staff. Erica Naturkosmetik is open Mon - FRI 11 am - 6 pm and SAT 11 am - 4 pm.   #visit  _berlin   #berlinized     #BerlinForFuture  

Erica Naturkosmetik



Looks like   #thattoweragain   is a bit shy today. Can you see it hiding behind the clouds?   #visit  _berlin   #berlinized  

Bornholmer Straße



  #foodspots  _berlin -   @restaurant_einsunternull   in Mitte | The special menu at today's recommendation einsunternull reflects our capital itself: creative, honest, diverse and delightfully grounded. Einsunternull focuses on the product, their creations are of high quality combined with interpretations of traditional dishes. Matching each course, the wine pairing can be selected. The architecturally modern and thought-out restaurant offers a space of 35 seats on two floors. You can choose if you rather like to have a view of a lovely little garden or the kitchen itself. On the occasion of the fall of the Berlin Wall, they created miniature dublicates of pieces of the wall on which a special treat will be served for you! Check out our story for more! Open THU - MON from 7 pm. Have a nice week everyone!   #visit  _berlin   #berlinized  

Restaurant einsunternull - Berlin Mitte



How would you caption this? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 - Photo by   @pat_del_bren.     #visit  _berlin   #berlinized     #plattenbauromantik   #🌈

Platz der Vereinten Nationen



10 November 1989. People are climbing the Wall at Brandenburg Gate. 😍   #throwback     #visit  _berlin   #berlinized     #mauerfall30   Photo: Hans Peter Stiebing/berlin daily

Brandenburger Tor



30 years ago today, peaceful protest brought down the Berlin Wall. Tonight, we're proudly celebrating freedom and unity with thousands of people at Brandenburg Gate. 🎉🌍❤   #mauerfall30     #visit  _berlin   #berlinized  

Brandenburger Tor



Berlin is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. On this occasion, a large number of events this week deal with topics such as the German reunification, the construction of the Berlin Wall, the division of the world during the Cold War and the overcoming of the Wall by the Peaceful Revolution of 1989. On Alexanderplatz, for example, the wishes and demands of the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators who protested here on 4 November 1989 can be experienced anew. At the Humboldt Forum, the historical façade of the former parliamentary building – the Palast der Republik – can be seen again, and the important stages and events on the road to democracy are projected on the building. Check out   @mauerfall30   for more!   #mauerfall30     #kulturprojekteberlin     #visit  _berlin   #berlinized     #thattoweragain  

Alexanderplatz Berlin


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