This beauty will be going all the way to Portland, Oregon to join the family of   @quintus09   🙌🙌🙌 we very much appreciate you Mr. Hall 🙏🙏🙏   #beauty     #loveher     #westcoast     #lovedogs     #dogstagram     #instafamous     #instagood     #instgramdogs     #instapup     #igers  


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Hey @quintus09 she is gorgeous you went and got a dog.... Good for you! Blue has to be looking down on you to say master I got you 😉


@quintus09 we have another one coming. Cant wait till she gets here. She will definately be treated like a queen under me of course lol lol. Cant wait till she arrives. She won't wont take the place of Blue but damn near close.


Very unique!


Thx for the opportunity of exotic breed with champion blood line . The first pup of my kennel club bring heat from CrossCityBullies to NE Portland . Champions breed champions 🙏🏿💯❤️


@quintus09, you went and got a girl ? Champion blood line, well looks like you will be getting your daily walks in again 🤣🤣. Congratulations Boss !!

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