Poppy Dog

My doggy date with Doug ended in disaster friends 😭 . It was all going swimmingly - we even touched snoots at one point, and then it happened.....our first lovers tiff ..... over a piece of flapjack 😳 . Mum said you should never stand between a man and his food and she was right 😲 . I tried to make him feel guilty (swipe to see my best sulking face) but he seemed oblivious 😫 . I’m wondering if I’m too old for all this dating malarkey 🤔😫 . . . . . .   #dogfriends     #pawpals     #jugsofinstagram     #jugsofinstagram  🐶   #lacock     #dougthepug     #doggydate     #colliecross     #modeldog     #dogfriends     #walkies  🐾   #instafamous     #poserdog     #prettypup     #regandbob     #seniordogsrock     #terrierlove     #ukdogs     #dogsuk     #dogfriends     #dogsofgreatbritain     #loverstiff  



❤️ 81

💬 26


It’s always good that starts it off! Or a ball! Best stay single, like me! 😁😁


I would always share my flapjack with you 🤗 #girlpower


Poppy he should love you enough to give you his last Rolo or in this case flap jack. Maybe he’s not the one but there’ll be plenty more. I’m surprised there not knocking your door down. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Oh no... Don’t lose hope Poppy, a top class doggy like you is bound to be admired and loved... Just FYI, I’d share with you all my treats if that would make you happy... 💕


Men eh!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ We do forget our manners sometimes 😂🤣😂💕❤️


Aww Poppy. Hope you forgive him 😆😆




Now I’m not going to lie & say I’m sorry about this! 😆😆 & for the record you’re never too old my gorgeous Princess! ❤️😘


You should stick to us sausages 😂


Oh no, I'm sorry but it's true food is very important for us boy pups 🙈🐕😄


Poppy, you’re too good for him, clearly! Doug looks like he could lose a few pounds *meow, saucer of milk please* and should have done the gentlemanly thing and let you have it! No manners! Lucky escape, no?! 😬


I’ll share any treats with you 😊

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